About Us

Hi everyone I'm Peter,

Born July of 1993 in Brooklyn, NY to a talented artist for a mother and a hard working stationary engineer for a father, I developed a passion early for both creativity and efficiency. I find that when these two qualities are combined in any form it can lead to something truly beautiful and amazing. I applied these passions to my life and hobbies and Glass Grass Or VAS is the result!


I grew up just north of Clearwater in Dunedin, FL after my family had moved there when I was younger and in my later high school years developed a passion for glass from local head shops in the area. I would frequent these shops on a weekly basis looking for the newest most efficient glass. I had quite the collection aquiring many of the top shelf peices in these local shops over that period of time, thinking I had reached the pinnacle.

Boy was I wrong! A friend of mine who worked with me at the time and knew of my passion for glass offered to put me on to something new, I hadn't heard of, called scientific glass aka boro (borosilicate) glass. These peices were much more intricate, efficient, and beautiful so I took a chance, although it cost me a pretty penny, and I bought my first scientific glass waterpipe a "Vertigo Glass" inline to showerhead/ufo perc.

It changed my life! The quality, efficiency, strength, effects, you name it... it was all superior when using a scientific glass waterpipe! Even after spending as much as I did to aquire this beautiful waterpipe it was so much more efficient that I was actually saving money from a decrease in herb, while increasing my frequency and quality of my experience. More bang for my buck was all I needed to know! I then continued down the rabbit hole in my attempt to find the best of the best aquiring some of the top boro artists to produce to date, such as Mobius, Toro, Sovereignty, and many many more!


I realized at that point, although you can find a mass produced peice of Chinese glass with the same perc and similar function at a much more affordable price, it was not worth my money and the quality or efficiency would never be able to match that of a boro glass artist. This lead me to my passion for grassroots artisans, creators, and inventors! What did you think Grass stood for? ;)

I find that grassroots artisans and inventors tend to approach things from a place of love, creativity, and passion, which in turn leads to a superior invention/product. I took this passion for grassroots quality with me as I ventured further into efficiency and eventually leading me to vaporization.


What is VAS? V.A.S. stands for Vape Aquisition Syndrome, which is when you buy your first vape, fall in love with vaping, and continue to buy vapes in an attempt to find the best vaporizer.

Haha, lets just say I am afflicted! I have aquired a vast collection of top shelf vaporizers to date consisting of 60+ different devices from 24 different producers, spanning 11 different countries all over the world! I am familiar with many people in the industry and like to think I have done a lot of the research for you already over the last 15 years, so feel free to reach out with any questions as I am always happy to help!

Is there such a thing as the best vaporizer? No, it really just comes down to preference. However, there are vaporizers that are considered to be top shelf and have earned a certain level of respect from those familiar with and working in the industry. The Vapbong is definitely one of these top shelf vaporizers!

The Vapbong is superior to many of the top shelf vaporizers on the market when it comes to production (handmade work of art), materials (ceramic), taste (I am a terps guy and definitely one of the tastiest ways to vaporize), effects (one of the most powerful vaporizers on the market as it produces as much vapor as you can handle, while still being able to produce tastey vapor at even low temps with ease), ease of use (simple & easy to use, clean, and maintain) no necessary aftermarket add ons (no need to purchase anything extra, everything you need is in the box and any variation in use or effects can be controlled through draw speed/length, water level, voltage/temperature, & grind consistency), and origin/production story (check out the Artists & Inventor pages for an amazing origin story), which in summary is why it pretty quickly became my favorite vaporizer and single handedly cured my VAS!

So when I heard that the artists producing vapbongs had a falling out with their distributor and they might not be able to continue production going forward, I felt personally obligated to get involved. In turn I reached out to Janine and Axel of Jaxel's Art and Glass Grass Or VAS was born!

Jaxel's Art is now its own company, with the artists setting their own pricing, and receiving all of the profits from their hard work going forward, which allows their family to survive and the Vapbong name to live on! We wouldn't have it any other way and with Glass Grass Or VAS handling all sales, customer service, and repairs in North America and your ongoing support, we hope to be able to continue to share these Vapbong masterpieces with the masses for many years to come!

Glass Grass Or VAS continues to grow the GGV Family by sourcing the most beautiful and innovative works of art from some of the top artisans and inventors working in our industry around the world and helping them to reach new audiences!

Much Love,

Born with a passion-