Dr. Colly Vapbong Inventor

Dr. Colly 

A letter from Dr. Colly-

High Peter,

I just want to say high, thank you and introduce myself. 
I am very glad you helped us save my "baby", it means a lot to me, not only because its my only income, but I believe its a very good idea made by very very good craftsman and women, cause Axel and Janine are the best I could imagine to give this idea a physical form.

In the beginning i just wanted to make a vaporizer for me, I never thought about it as a product to sell, and they looked quite different, and then all my friends wanted one, so it started and I got busy. Everyone who tried it asked about getting one, so it became bigger and bigger till I coulnd not do it anymore on my own. Meanwhile the Vapbong has nice awards and other recognition from all over the internet, I am very pleased about. I hope we can continue that success.

During that time I was on the run from german police.  They wanted to lock me up for nearly six years, so no job, no papers, no nothing, as i took off on the run to the Netherlands spending most of my time in Amsterdam over the next 12 years...

Now everything is expired, I am a free man and live in Gran Canaria, trying to become selfsustaining, have a garden, want to keep bees and feed only from my garden, foods getting short and becomes a weapon of slavery, I dont like that.

So far, thats me.
I hope for a good relation

One love
Donald, Dr. Colly