Vapbong Instructions, Reviews, & Warranty Information

Vapbong Instructions

Usage is really simple, the most important information has been summarized in the text below. For a more Detailed Instruction Guide or to watch Vapbong Reviews from trusted sources in the industry, you can watch the videos linked in blue towards the bottom of the page:

1) Fill with clear water

For each Vapbong model: You can find the maximum water level by drawing on your vapbong without the herb chamber in place. When you release your draw the water should not rise all the way to the edge of the downstem area where your herb chamber connects or you risk your herbs getting wet when the herb chamber is in place. Any water level below this point is fine and simply comes down to preference from there on out.

For the Bandit models: If water sloshes to your mouth while you draw, it´s also too much water :)

2) Temperature & preheating

The provided voltage controller should always be plugged into a surge protector to avoid failure & lengthen the lifespan of this part.

Let it heat up for 15-20 min at full power turning the dial on your voltage controller all the way to the right. The massive ceramic ball heater needs at least this amount of time before it is well heated.

Then turn it down to the desired setting and wait approx. 5-10 minute until the heating coil has cooled down to the selected setting.

Most Vapbongs fall in a Voltage range of 8.0-11.0 for normal use depending on the model & preferences of the user. We find 9.0 - 10.5 is a recommendable voltage for herbs and for oils we reccomend around 10.5 - 11.5.

However each vapbong is handmade and in turn unique just like its owner. So feel free to try higher & lower voltages to see what works best for you!

3) Avoid the following

The provided voltage controller should always be plugged into a surge protector to avoid failure & lengthen the lifespan of this part.

If not using your vapbong on a daily basis, put the bowl beside in a safe place when you switch it off or empty the water, otherwise over time moisture will get to the herbs and also the electronics as it evaporates up through the airtight connections.

Please do not soak the Vapbong in isopropyl or other harsh cleaning agents for long periods of time. These corrosive liquids can soak into the pourus ceramic and cause damage to the devices glaze and integrity, besides leaving behind a nasty scent/taste for some time afterwards. We usually just recommend a quick rinse with hot water. For a deep clean the artists reccomend avoiding alcohol all together and instead go with apple cider vinegar and baking soda, but if you prefer something stronger a quick shake with isopropyl/salt will usually do the trick. The maximum time we suggest allowing the Vapbong to soak in corrosive liquids such as isopropyl or vinegar is 5 minutes, then proceed to rinse out thoroughly with hot water and let dry.

4) Cleaning

The frequency of cleaning depends on your personal preference. Fresh water daily will keep the Vapbong clean for a long time. If you need to remove the resin, you can use a bottle brush for the body and a slightly smaller one for the herb chamber and dowstem. You can use hot or boiling water or any cleaner of your choice, e.g. Isopropyl/salt or baking soda/vinegar. (See warning above before cleaning)

The screen can easily be burned free with a jet lighter. To increase the longevity of the screen we reccomend simply soaking in isopropyl, rinsing with hot water, and drying.... Good as new!

5) Tips

After only a few draws, stir the herbs with a small stick (e.g. toothpick). This way you get fresh vapor again and the herbs are consumed evenly. Material that the hot air stream has not reached can now be heated and vaporized.

The Vapbong can remain switched on 24/7. That way you can leave the bowl in place all the time. That being said we dont reccomend ever leaving an open heat source unattended!

Make sure that the herb chamber is placed exactly (picture below), otherwise the Vapbong will give little or no vapor and darkly charred spots will appear on the herb material. Take a look at the herb chamber from below - no white edge of the ceramic should be visible, only colored glaze.



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Vapbong 2 Year Warranty

If the vapbong provided by Glass Grass Or VAS LLC (the distributor) contains a defect within 24 months of the date of purchase that is not due to improper handling by the customer, then at that point Jaxel's Art (the producers) will cover the cost of labor and materials to have the defective vapbong repaired as long as the customer agrees to cover shipping to and from our repair shop here in the United States. We also offer the option to simply ship you the materials and provide a tutorial video to attempt a self repair free of charge, although we reccomend against this option in most cases. Warranty does not cover units that are lost, stolen, or physically damaged. In order to receive warranty support proof of purchase must be provided from an authorized dealer. If outside of the 2 year warranty period or in cases where the warranty is voided such as a physical break, we offer our repair services if possible. However, all costs will then be passed on to the customer for labor, materials, and shipping.

If in need of a vapbong repair contact: