Lotus Vaporizer Bundle

Lotus Vaporizer Bundle

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Lotus Vaporizer Bundle

Vapor Cap:

The olive wood vapor cap attaches magnetically to the water pipe adapter, and it is good for both flower and concentrates. The design ensures that you will be getting only the herbal flavor you are looking for, and that you won't be inhaling any butane fumes. A stir stick is bonded to the cap for your convenience. The debris screen is installed in the cap to keep the interior clean.

14mm WPA-Male:

With this adapter you can use the Lotus with your favorite glass piece. Put the stainless-steel water pipe adapter (WPA) onto the 14mm down stem of your glass piece, drop a Lotus vapor cap onto it and you are ready to vape! The bowl of the adapter is the same size as a Lotus pipe bowl and uses either of the two Lotus vapor caps. It is magnetic and will hold the vapor cap and has silicone O-rings to eliminate the possibility of breaking your down stem. A handle is attached to the WPA to eliminate burning your fingers. WPA comes fitted with a standard screen.

Spare Heating Plate:

Extra Heating Plate is included effectively doubling the longevity/lifespan of the device.

Vapman Lighter:

One of the most simple, reliable, and efficient jet lighters on the market. Has a large transparent tank so you wont have to refill as often or run out of butane unexpectedly.

Bundle Includes:

-Olive Wood Vapor Cap

-Stainless Steel WPA

-Spare Heating Plate

-Vapman Lighter

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